Dr. Sultz talks about the “tyranny of technology” in modern medicine. To what is he referring? How does this tyranny impact health care management, leadership, and planning? Have you experienced the tyranny yourself? Provide an example if possible. One of the most interesting topics in this course is the natural history of disease in humans, presented in detail by Dr. Sultz. This natural history can be applied to any disease process, and it also points out where we, as medical professionals, can intervene for the good. Provide an overview of this topic, tracing the natural history of disease, and including the prepathogenesis and pathogenesis periods. Questions.

Mind –body medicine is integral to the practice of integrative wellness practitioner. Describe the theory and practice of Mind-Body medicine with examples. (2 pages essays, 2-3 citations are required)
2. Compare and contrast the basic principles and practice of Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine (2 pages essays, 2-3 citations are required)
3. A three-page paper with references describing the best healthcare modalities you would use in a “clinic” that you would design. By modalities I mean acupuncture, yoga, massage, allopathic medicine, chiropractic,
[For essays #3, my goal is to become an acupuncturist, please answers the questions following this goal!)
(Please make sure to answer the questions – All of them are due on 12/06/16)