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The concept of death is a complex and highly emotional one.  All of us have been dealt with people close to us dying.  Some of us have had to face this difficult time sooner in our loves and some of us later in our lives. Cultures and families address this differently.  The idea of our own death is an even more complex idea to grasp.
Please share from your own experience, what the statement, “we are all going to die” means to you ( Peter Saul, in the Ted Talk video “Let’s Talk About Dying). Please answer these 6 questions that follow in considering your answer.
1. Does this mean “I am going to die”?
2. Is this something you can grasp for yourself? (your own death)
3. What role does spirituality/religion play in your answer? (own death)
4. What coping mechanisms have worked for you? (own death)
5. How have you helped yourself with this idea? (own death)
6. How have you been able to help to others with this idea, “we are all going to die”?
Please answer each question clearly and give examples when possible. The post is to be 6 paragraphs long- a paragraph for each question.

sources: no later than 5 years