assignment 01 – The Nursing Hub

Learning Outcome: Define motivation and identify its fundamental concepts.
After reading the case found on page 171 in the textbook (COSTCO: Doing Something Right), write a 2-3-page paper (in APA format) that answers the questions found on page 195, entitled “Back to the Case”. There are 3 questions that you will need to answer._x000D_
Finally, briefly discuss the differences between Costco and the current motivation at your organization. How might Costco’s success transfer (or not) to your current organization? Identify the formal and informal leaders in your organization – do they impact motivation and if so, how?_x000D_
Your paper must be submitted according to APA 6th edition conventions and include 3 peer-reviewed scholarly sources supporting your position (the textbook may be one of the 3). Your paper should include a title page, abstract and reference list (not included in the page count specified above)._x000D_
please note Rubric and Page (case attachment) if you have question please ask me. thank you.
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