6 4 chapter 11 assignment 2

In a few sentences, please respond to each of the following questions. Up to 10 points can be earned for a completed assignment, with partial credit available for incomplete responses.

  • Discuss the interactive forces that affect development (genes, psychological and social)
  • Identify and describe the four stages of cognitive development by Piaget
  • Define attachment and discuss the various attachment styles studied by Ainsworth
  • Identify and describe the four parenting styles and their effect on child outcomes
  • Identify and describe the three stages of moral development by Kholberg
  • Identify and describe the eight stages of psycho-social development by Erikson
  • Identify and describe the five stages of death and dying by Kubler-Ross
  • Discuss the major milestones (physical, sexual and emotional) that take place throughout the periods of life-span development


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