Advocacy in the nursing profession

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 In the nursing profession, we wear many hats when caring for our
patients. Advocacy is a big thing that nurses do for their patients on a
regular basis. We as nurses are the primary advocate for the patient,
we are the ones at the bedside for long periods of time. Many of the
medical doctors do depend on our assessments of the patient to be able
to tell them what is going on with the patient. Many times, I have found
in my short career the doctors are very open to suggestion when
planning care for the patient. However, I have also found the opposite
where you keep telling them and paging them to give some sort of orders
because the patient condition is worsening and sometimes they do not
listen until something bad happens with the patient condition. For
example, I had a patient who was in the hospital for shortness of
breath, patient was intubated in the field for hypoxia which was not
resolved with other measures. I received the patient on the second day
of admission and the patient was sedated on diprivan and on two
vasopressors to keep the blood pressure up. At the start of the shift,
the patient assessment was what was endorsed to me and maybe varied by
one or two slight changes. However, because of the slight changes I
still considered the patient to be critical but somewhat stable. At
about two pm, however, I noticed that the heart rate was climbing from
80s, where the patient had been hovering most of the day, to 130s. The
doctor was notified, he first said it is fine it is probably because we
gave him lasix. However, I still was not happy with this answer, because
to me that was a significant jump. So then I went into the room and did
a third complete head to toe assessment; I then went back to the doctor
and asked him to assess the patient as well because I found that the
patient’s breathing pattern on the vent had changed from this afternoon
and his lung sounds are more diminished on the left side. So the doctor
grudgingly came to the room to assess the patient with me and agreed
that something was off with the patient. After a chest xray and a chest
cat scan, it was found that the patient had a community acquired
pneumonia which had not presented on the original x ray and the patient
had a pulmonary embolism; which caused the change in his breathing and
heart rate. 


 Giving promotion assumes a significant job and is characterized by
Jackson University as, a prepared social insurance proficient who acts
or mediates for the benefit of a patient or in light of a legitimate
concern for improving the nursing calling. Tricia Hussung states that
the ANA (2018) nursing practice, “the assurance, advancement, and
improvement of wellbeing and capacities, counteractive action of disease
and damage, lighten of enduring the determination and treatment of
human reaction, and backing being taken care of by people, families,
networks, and populaces. Quite a long while back, I had a patient that
had stage 4 liver disease and had set last demands to settle his
consideration and treatment. Persistent was a parent that had left his
family years back however when passing was soon his family went along
and were mentioning to delay his amount of life. The patient realized
that he just had a couple of days to live however he additionally
realized that his family would need to shield him from biting the dust. I
took this issue to our ethic board of trustees which they helped with
giving data to the family and the patient to attempt to more readily
comprehend the last wishes from the perishing tolerant. In the wake of
going over with the family and demonstrating them with material to
advocate the desires for quiet they were satisfied to have been a piece
of the comprehension and wishes that the patient had just saved.
However, in the event that I wasn’t a promoter to the desires that had
been set by present patient, the family would have taken the done
treatment or care that weren’t the desires that had been composed by the
patient. Once in a while it’s difficult to aside from that somebody
near us is kicking the bucket and we (family) imagine that they can all
the more likely accommodate the patient result. I have faith in Quality
versus Amount. Why? I have seen numerous issues or family contentions
that have made family have differences and further hurt the patient or
their desires. At the point when a patient gives their last wishes, they
might want to be regarded to what they feel will be the better result
to their last days with their friends and family. What does the
discussion put stock in giving support to the quality versus amount of
life for the withering patient? 


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