analyze and respond the questions

The Case Study Paper should adhere to the following:

  • 3 pages
  • 1″ margins
  • 12 point font size

You can use formatting and bullets, but it is paramount to find the right balance of text and formatting to ensure effective communication of your ideas. The Case Study Paper should follow a clear, organized pattern to include:

  • Introductory paragraph that outlines the paper and contents to come
  • Body of paper includes concise answers to the questions proposed using the contents of the chapter
  • Outside resources and examples with proper citation and bibliography
  • Make sure you proofread and edit thoroughly! There will be no leniency on this issue

These are the instructions for the case analysis and the case I attached with the pictures.The questions for the case are:

1. Indicate Mary’s attitudes before and after meeting Sue. If there was a change, why?

2. What do you think Mary would do now? Later?

3. What motivation theory applies best to this scenario?


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