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For this assignment, you will “present” a job opportunity in the administration of justice to your peers. This will be an on-going, semester-length assignment with different steps along the way to completion. This assignment is “first-come, first-served” in the respect that only one student can present about a particular opportunity.

Review the “Job Seeking Assignment” discussion to discover what opportunities your peers have already identified.

Next, identify a job opportunity in the administration of justice that interests you and that is not already in the “Job Seeking Assignment” discussion. Remember, no duplicate submissions are permitted.

Once you have located a job, reply to the “Job Seeking Assignment” discussion. Add these exact headings to the discussion: Job Title, Name of Agency and URL (for the job bulletin) and then add the appropriate information. After you list the URL, add a screen shot of the bulletin to the discussion.

Once you have complete this, add the same exact information into the Job Seeking Assignment and submit this same information in the assignment.

Final submission

Include the provided required headings (copy and paste them into your submission – these will be direct text entries into Canvas) in your submission. Provide thoughtful and thorough responses. This is not intended to be a narrative essay with over-broad responses. Instead, you can add properly written and grammatically correct, clear and concise answers.

You will need to use outside resources to answer some questions and you may use quotes. If you use outside sources and/or quotes, you must use APA formatted citations.

Required headings:

  1. Name of agency:
  2. Job title:
  3. What are the minimum qualifications for this job:
  4. Where (geographically) is the job opportunity:
  5. What are the job duties:
  6. What is the mission of the agency:
  7. What interests you about this job opportunity:
  8. What are key skills and attributes required for this job:
  9. How should one best prepare for this job:
  10. List five potential interview questions for this job and key points on how you will respond to these questions:
  11. What is the future job market forecast for this job. Explain how you know this:

Write about Immigration inspector

these are sample of previous assignment of taking screen shots

Make sure to add the Headings


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