assignement 27

Q1.Consider online games and the usefulness of data they may provide.

a. Research online gaming and its associated data and usage.

b. Provide a brief summary of one completed study (not a generic summary) that was conducted using data from online gaming. Includes the type of study, its purpose, and its final conclusions.

c. Based on your research-based knowledge, provide your evaluation on the methods used to analyze the data and its usefulness to the study outcome.

d. Provide an APA formatted reference and a .pdf of the study you discussed.

Note: Paraphrase, cite, and reference per APA.

Q2.(a) Share 6 cited ACADEMIC (not sales-oriented case studies from vendors such as IBM or Deloitte) resources that discuss the application of statistical methods to real world solutions.

(b) Include a simple 2 column grid that identifies the problem and the method to solve


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