Business Strategies

Read the Operations Strategy at BYD of China, Electrifying the World’s Automotive Market case study in your course text. After reviewing the information in this case study and the Learning Resources for this week, complete the following:
For this week, prepare a 250- to 350-word response to the following question:

How has BYD changed, advanced, or evolved since its inception?

Take this response and incorporate it, along with the responses you gave for questions in Weeks 1–2, into an individual paper that is 3–4 pages in length.
By Day 7
Submit your completed 3- to 4-page Group Case Study paper:

Prepare a conclusion to your paper by reviewing your responses to all of the case study questions you have answered this week and in previous weeks. You might also consider identifying:

the most important findings,
the major strengths and weaknesses of BYD’s methods of managing operations, and
recommendations for improvements that could be made to bolster BYD’s operations.

Compile and revise your report based on Instructor weekly feedback on your individual Discussion 2 posts.
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