continuous survey readiness

Present and discuss the setting for your practicum and ideas for your project. Hospital setting, being survey ready everyday. There are no supplies out dated, the staff all understand where to find records of consent, what the mission is of the hospital or who to ask if they don’t.The hospital environment is well kept and everyone makes sure to take pride in the hospital.Documents are completed, follow up on PRN medications are done in a timely fashion. If a State, Joint Commission or any type of surveyor walks in we are ready as a organization.

What is the purpose of conducting an organizational needs assessment? A recent survey by a paid agency showed we had room to improve as an organization and we are looking for Joint Commission within the next few months.We want to be ready.

What needs have you identified? Cleanliness, outdates supplies, and incomplete documentation.

What tools or methods did you utilize to determine the need? The paid survey agency did a Mock survey and we have conducted Mock surveys in house every day or two in some wing/unit of the hospital picking different nurses each time.


  1. Explain the purpose of conducting an organizational needs assessment.
  2. Identify tools used for conducting a needs assessment.
  • Describe methods to perform a needs assessment.

APA format with 500 words with the 2 creditable sources provided and 1 other creditable source can be used.


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