criminal justice 300

Article Reflection Assignment

Once in awhile in US history, destruction of life and property and correspondent loss of any semblance of law and order occurs at such a level that the military (via state or federally authorized National Guard units) is called in to restore it. The Kansas-Missouri border conflict during the Civil War (which was a continuation of the Bleeding Kansas conflict from 1854-1861 that helped lead to the Civil War) resulted in the passing of General Order No. 11 by Union General Thomas Ewing, Jr. who ordered the forced depopulation of four border adjacent Missouri counties as a means to remove the support of the people for pro-bushwhacker (pro-Confederate) sympathizers. Civilians were removed and their property confiscated or destroyed without due process and trial.

Given the levels of violence being experienced, was this just? Make an argument for or against based on what you read in your readings AND what you find in your own online research (nothing extensive; just find at least one outside source outside Wikipedia). Cite your sources.

The rules for the article reflection assignment are as follows:

No-more-than 350 words.

You will be graded on three criteria: 1) quality of writing (proofread!); 2) substance of answer; 3) direct ties to the article given and one outside article.


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