CRJ540 CSU Global Film Analysis on Criminal Justice Policy: The Nice Guys

Choose a specific film or television show as a case study and discuss the idea that film and television help shape criminal justice policy. Use specific examples from the film/television show to illustrate your points. Your paper should make explicit your perspectives on:

how accurate the film/television show is in its portrayal of criminal justice policy
crime myths perpetuated by the film/television show
crime realities identified by the film/television show
ways in which the film/television show’s portrayal of crime might affect public perception of risk in one’s daily life
changes to the film/television show to improve the accuracy of its portrayal of criminal justice policy.

Your paper should be well-written, 4-6 pages in length, and formatted according to APA. Your paper should use at least three credible sources, including the original film or television show that you are analyzing.

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