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1. For this final one, one paragraph should be on any chapter from Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, (at least 10 lines)and the other on either the Steiner/Klocek or the Heidegger readings(at least 10 lines). Two replies to peers as usual ( at least 4 lines).

2. Having given understanding Heidegger’s “Building, Dwelling, Thinking” essay your best shot, how would you summarize the usefulness or uselessness of this essay for understanding the themes of deep (or spiritual) ecology and learning to dwell?

3. Reading Response must be between 2.5-3 pages, 1.5- or double- spaced typed, 12 pt. font, with standard margins. Although these are ‘Reading Responses, This Reading Response should be on one of the assigned chapters in the Wendell Berry book. I am looking for about half your RR to be a careful and scholarly summary of the main points of the reading, and then in the second half, I am looking for you to focus in what you found most interesting, and develop your viewpoint, and potentially do some additional research.

Will attach reading after.


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