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Cheadle and Prendegast stated in their book that “As human beings, we simply cannot allow another 6 million freshly dug graves in Africa because of preventable actions.  Mass atrocities can be successfully confronted and ended.” (237) Comment on their statement, as related to your understanding of how they and others in the fight against genocide around the world, have become involved since Rwanda and now in Darfur.  Do you agree or disagree with their statement?  Explain your position/thoughts.   

Try to pose your discussion reply in Socratic format (i.e., seeking to ask yet more probing questions, rather than merely providing a “neat and tidy” reply). The questions you pose will help further engage your classmates in additional discussion of sub themes that may emerge from your analytical response. ALL students should check back into this discussion forum after posting a reply in order to respond to additional questions or replies as they emerge. (In other words, don’t just “post and run.”)


Make a cohesive statement atleast 4 paragraphs. Cite works as well. please read and do a little research! 

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