discussion thread 11 1 global perspectives of future global governance q amp a

Course: PSC – 4400 International Organizations DUE APRIL 5, 2020

Discussion Thread: 11.1 Global Perspectives of Future Global Governance Q & A

Instructions: Chapter 11 will be uploaded when matched with tutor:

11.1 Global Perspectives of Future Global Governance


By this point in the course, Students should understand that none of the five global perspectives presented in the chapter by the Author Pease are “right” and none are “wrong” about the future. Each of the perspectives are simply “DIFFERENT,” depending upon the underlying assumptions adopted by the person evaluating the events. Some of the perspectives yield a more “optimistic” view of future global events and outcomes, while others produce a more “pessimistic” view of future events and outcomes.

Students are asked to evaluate all five global perspectives presented by the Author and select ONE that most closely fits your own PERSONAL VIEW of the future. How do you see the role of international organizations (IOs) evolving in the year 2030 and beyond and why? What are your key assumptions and what global events or forces drive you to make those assumptions? Give examples from what you have learned in the course that support your personal perspective and outlook.

International Organizations by Kelly-Kate Pease

International Organizations by Kelly-Kate S. Pease


Pease, K.-K. S. (2019). International organizations: perspectives on global governance. New York: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

International Organizations: perspectives on global governance/Kelley – Kate S. Pease, Webster University.
Description: Sixth Edition. | New York, NY : Routledge, 2019.
Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group; New York and London.


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