drugs and crime quiz

Once you have completed all assigned readings, module notes, and discussions, you should be ready to take the quiz. Complete the quiz, which is based on Chapter 8 of your textbook. Support your answer with citations and references, as needed.

Answer the following question in no less than 250 words:

1. Identify the three categories of criminological theory used to explain drug use, and explain the different perspectives on drug use shared by each category. Which category offers the best opportunity to develop drug policy for the purpose of treating and preventing drug use?

In addition, choose one of the following questions and answer in no less than 250 words:

2. Discuss the three biological factors used to explain drug use, and whether biological explanations alone are sufficient to explain why an individual uses drugs.

3. Compare and contrast the three psychological perspectives for drug use. Which of these perspectives offers the best explanation for individual drug use, and why?

4. Select one sociological theory for drug use discussed in the text and explain how that theory could be used to both understand and prevent drug use.

Textbook: Levinthal, C. F. (2019). Drugs, society, and criminal justice (5th ed.).


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