Emergency plan evaluation

Compare and contrast the different populations that are included in the “special needs population” (specifically covered in this course)
Physically disabled
Mentally disabled
Pregnant women
Elderly population
Describe and identify the challenges of special populations in emergency planning, response, mitigation and recovery from a disaster.
Compare the impact of different types of hazards on the different special needs populations.
Examine the potential challenges in the use of different communication systems in disasters with the special needs populations.
Evaluate how to develop emergency plans and work with emergency management and other local officials during all phases of an emergency with the local community.
Analyze local, state, and Federal plans for dealing with special needs populations during a disaster.

1) After reading an emergency operations plan of your choosing identify and list five (5) instances where special needs populations are included in the planning process and another five (5) where they have been overlooked.
2) Utilizing the lists generated above, start thinking about the groups within the community that could be called upon to assist with including different segments of the special needs population. What resources do they possess? What conflicts may arise?

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