eng220 advanced composition and research


The weekly Lessons are designed to prepare you for the weekly Tasks, so plan to complete them first each week.

To start, view the video

As you heard in the above video, a strong argument is necessary to writing a credible argumentative paper. When the thesis is weak, the paper is weak, which in turn means the writer’s credibility is weak.

Next, please review the Thesis Statements Powerpoint.

Three examples of weak thesis statements are provided below. Rephrase each thesis statement so that it offers a strong persuasive case. Don’t submit your work though. These are just for practice.

  • A dog should not be purchased from a breeder because there are so many dogs available at local shelters.
  • Not everyone is cut out for college. Some people should just get a job.
  • All movies should be made just like Avatar because it made a fortune.

Finally, watch the video regarding the Aristotelian appeals for ethos, pathos, and logos.

Now decide, should you modify your thesis statements based on the

information you read in the PowerPoint and watched in the emotional appeals video? If so, make necessary edits.

Task – The Art of Persuasion

Welcome to your first Task! In the Lesson you watched videos about thesis statements and the Aristotelian emotional appeals of pathos, logos, and ethos; read material regarding thesis statements and introductory paragraphs; and, you wrote three practice thesis statements. Now it’s time to pull all of that together here in the Task.

Read Thesis Statements. Do a few of the practice exercises and then re-check your three thesis statements from the Lesson one more time. Are they specific and concise? Can they be argue and demonstrated? Are they forceful and written with confidence?

Finally, please submit to Moodle the three updated thesis statements you began in the Lesson or you may upload three strong thesis statements you wrote for the practice exercises here in the Task. Remember, you are only writing thesis statements this week. Next week you will choose one to expand upon.


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