Ethnicity In Nigeria – Submit Your Homeworks

Read the article entitled “Ethnicity in Nigeria” :
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Then view the photos and videos in the article, as well as investigate some of the ethnic groups mentioned in the article and answer the questions below.

What are the major ethic groups in Nigeria?
What are the identifying characteristics and history of each of the major ethnic groups?
Before reading this article, how much ethnic diversity did you think was is Africa? Or Nigeria?
In the United States, people with European ancestry distinguish between groups with different ethic backgrounds, for instance Irish-American, Italian-American, German-American, etc. However, these distinctions are usually not so fine for people of African descent, who are usually classified as African-Americans. Is this difference because Africa is less ethnically diverse than Europe? What role may the slave trade have played in homogenizing the identities of African-Americans?

Remember, all work must be submitted as a formal paper with an assignment title, as well as an introduction, paragraph for each topic, a conclusion and a bibliography.
No more than two short quotes may be used. Short means less than one line.
Each essay should be between 2-3 full pages of information. A bibliography with at least three references, in addition to your text, should be included at the end of the paper. Essays submitted without references will NOT be graded. Blogs are never considered references. Only .org, .gov, or .edu sources should be used. .Com or .net sources are unreliable and should not be used. There will be a 10 point deduction for each of these unacceptable sites!


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