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Please see below what is needed. I have also attached a word document. Please let me know if you have any questions.
This paper must be a minimum of five double-spaced pages but no longer than eight double-spaced pages. You must include a cover page, abstract, reference page and, if necessary, a bibliography page. (These pages do not count towards the minimum/maximum page count.) The paper must incorporate all of the required elements listed on Page Two of this document. This assignment must be written in APA format, 6th edition with in-text citations. You must include a minimum of six quality academic and/or financial industry references.
Acceptable references include: The Financial Times, The Economist, The Journal of Finance, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Her Majestyâ€s Treasury, The Bank of England, U.S. Department of The Treasury, The Federal Reserve Bank,,
Unacceptable references include:,,,, Personal financial blogs
Case Topic
Is it ethical for a government to act in ways that socialize financial risks or losses? Is it ethical to do so while privatizing gains/profits? Or to do so in ways that favor wealthier citizens while imposing risks on less wealthy taxpayers (or vice versa)? Or that create moral hazards? Why or why not? Are there social goals that are so important that they would lead you to change your answer?
Required Elements
-What are the relevant facts?
– What are the ethical issues?
-Who are the primary stakeholders? –> What are the rights of the stakeholders? (i.e. What is owed to the stakeholders?) –> What are the duties of the stakeholders? –> Who derives the benefits of an unrealistic analysis? –> Who bears the heaviest burden of an unrealistic analysis? –> What is the most fair and equitable way to distribute the benefits and burdens across all stakeholders?
-What are the possible alternatives? –>Which alternative is the most fair to all stakeholders?
-What are the ethics of the alternatives? –>What is the cost and benefit of the alternatives? –> Which alternative provides the greatest benefits or the fewest costs for all concerned?
-What are the practical constraints
-What action(s) should be taken?
Writing Style: Writing is completely relevant and specific to the topic.
Body of Evidence: Supporting evidence is thorough and relevant and is used effectively to make arguments.
Conclusion: Conclusion emerges logically from primary arguments
Research: → Paper fully adheres to the standards of the APA Style Manual (6th edition). → Paper includes a title page, abstract, and reference page. → A minimum of 6 references in APA format. (6th edition) are cited in-text and listed on the reference page. → Highest quality academic and/or financial industry references given
Mechanics: → No grammatical errors. → No spelling errors.
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