healthcare marketing 11

1. Discussion: 20 points

Do you think market research is more or less important than product research? Why?

2.Plan Part 2 : Target market :40 points(2-4pages)

In this week’s portion of the plan we are describing your potential customers. If we understand who your customers are and their needs, we can better understand how to tailor our product/service to them and can also understand the best marketing methods.

Assignment requirements:

  • Using your template describe the following:
    • Ideal customer:
      • Who they are?
      • What do they want?
      • What motivates them to buy?
    • Customer demographics
    • Explain why this is the target customer for you
  • These responses should be between 2-4 pages.

3.Plan Part 3 : Positioning: 40 points(2-4 pages)

In this week’s portion of the plan we are beginning to create the market position and value proposition (see 4 Steps To Building A Compelling Value Proposition (Links to an external site.) ) for your product/service.

Assignment requirements:

  • Using your template describe the following:
    • Describe what your market position is.
    • Are you following a “generic strategy” or a niche strategy and why?
    • How does this make you distinct to your customers?
  • These responses should be between 2-4 pages.

4.Popular vs. Scholarly: 30 points


Often the way something is expressed in the popular press differs from the way the actual research is summarized, does that make the version spread in the popular press wrong or unethical? This activity is designed to work towards outcomes 1 & 2 (Articulate the importance of research for healthcare professionals & Identify ways the research process can be impacted by ethical issues). Being able to locate the primary source of the research is extremely valuable when it comes to analyzing claims made in the popular press.


  • Use academic writing to compare and contrast the way a research study is described in the news vs. the way it is described in the actual journal
    • Comparing: Shows the similarities between two topics or ideas.
    • Contrasting: Shows the differences between two topics or ideas.


  • Find a research study mentioned in the popular press. Then, find the original study using the library resources available to you through the college, and compare it to the news story.
    • Were the research findings correctly summarized in the news story?
    • How did the terminology used differ between the two?
    • Did the different terminology change the message?
    • What other thoughts/takeaways come to mind?
  • Utilize APA formatting, and cite sources both in-text and with a reference sheet.


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