I don’t know how to handle this Writing question and need guidance.In this exerc

I don’t know how to handle this Writing question and need guidance.In this exercise you’ll prepare to write a project scope statement. In reality, theproject scope statement can be a lengthy, complex document that provides muchinformation about the project requirements and objectives. In this exercise your goalis to create a summation for a hypothetical project scenario. Your high-level projectscope statement should include■ Product scope description■ Product acceptance criteria■ Project deliverables■ Project exclusions■ Project constraints■ Project assumptionsYou are the project manager for the POQ Organization and you’re working withSam, the business analyst for your organization. Your company traditionally sellsrunning shoes through your retail stores, but a new approach will allow customers toaccess your inventory and order your shoes online. Sam reports that he has capturedthe requirements from the project stakeholders and they’ve approved his finaldocumentation of the requirements. The stakeholders are excited about this newproject, which will create software for their online web presence.Your project must create a web site that meshes with your existing colors, brands,and feel of the POQ organization. The web site will allow users to access an onlinecatalog of running shoes, keep a history of shoes they’ve ordered in the past, andpurchase shoes from the online store. The web site should be secure, calculateshipping costs, and recommend related items to the customer based on what they’veadded to their shopping carts. Management has approved the requirements with the demand that the solutionnot cost more than $75,000 and must be done within three months. Sam also tellsyou that some of the retailers are concerned that people will just order the shoesonline rather than visit their locations. You need to create a monthly calendar foreach shoe retailer in your company that encourages people to visit the stores inaddition to your online presence.To help you write the project scope, answer these questions based on the POQOrganizations shoe project:1. What is the primary goal of this project?2. What are some characteristics of the product scope? 3. What are the primary deliverables of the project? 4. What type of constraints will this project need to plan for? 5. What assumptions are in the scenario? 6. What elements could become part of the project scope that wouldn’t necessarily be part of the product scope? 7. What conditions must be true for this project to be considered done? 8. What type of skills would you need on your project team to help create this project scope? 9. What additional information would you need from Sam in order to write the project scope? 10. Are there any initial risks that you see in the project?Needed the answer for this 10 question 100 words per answer. 1.5 max spacing font size 11.thanks
Requirements: Other | 2 pages, Single spaced

The post I don’t know how to handle this Writing question and need guidance.In this exerc appeared first on nursing writers.


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The post I don’t know how to handle this Writing question and need guidance.In this exerc first appeared on nursing writers.


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