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Week 3: How Do People Become Leaders?

People who possess the “right stuff” often emerge as leaders. Sometimes leaders are appointed to the role. But even in groups with appointed leaders, other leaders may emerge. It almost goes without saying that leaders rise to a position within a group because of their ability to influence others. Followers must give their own power to the leader in order for the leader to influence them. What causes these things to happen? This week we’ll explore that question.

Week 3 Overview

The readings, activities and assignments this week will assist you in achieving the following course objective(s):

1. Compare and contrast a number of contemporary models of leadership and how they can be applied to various business situations.

2. Develop a personal leadership model including values and behaviors.

3. Judge current approaches to effective leadership, such as coaching, power and influence, leading change, and culture.

4. Analyze personal leadership style and approach and create a development plan to improve leadership capability.

6. Predict employee performance based on leadership techniques used in the workplace.


  • Chapter 5: Leader Emergence: A Dynamic Process
  • Chapter 6: Leadership as an Influence Process

Textbook: Newstrom, J. W. & Pierce, J. L. (2011). Leaders and the leadership process: Readings, self-assessments and applications (6th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin.

ISBN: 9780078137105


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