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For this assignment, create a presentation in which you tell a story about an experience where you were involved in institutional conflict while working (volunteer or paid) for an organization. Keep in mind that institutions and organizations are not always a company in a building. They can be partnerships within a volunteer organization, place of worship, or club, for example. As part of your presentation, look at the roles of functional and dysfunctional conflict, and recommend strategies for resolving both types of conflict.

While conflict is emotional, your presentation should be professional and academic. You are telling an objective story that occurred in the past. One method that can assist you in organizing your experience objectively is to apply your recent reading on systems theory. As you may recall, systems theory helps us to find out how things work and can also help determine how things fall apart. By using this application in your assignment you will objectively examine the experience without assigning blame or fault.

First, create an outline in which you organize your thoughts. Use this outline to record your 3–4 minute narrative, using Kaltura or another presentation tool. Upload both the outline and the presentation (or a link to it) to the assignment area.

Include the following in your presentation:

  • Describe reasons for conflict within an institution or organization.
  • Explain the role of functional conflict in institutional change.
  • Explain the role of dysfunctional conflict in institutional change.
  • Recommend a strategy to resolve institutional conflict.
  • Present coherently to support a central idea.


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