interprofessional communication Nursing 4 page

Student report
Read the Met call Transcript bellow, prepare a written report (~1000
words) including:
• Identification of four (4) examples of effective or ineffective teamwork
and/or communication in the scenario. This can be presented in a table
or as dot points. 
• Discussion, using the literature, about how each identified example of
effective/ineffective teamwork and/or communication can impact on the: 
◦ Patient (approx. 300 words, informed by 2-3 references)
◦ Staff (approx. 300 words, informed by 2-3 references)
Organisation (approx. 300 words, informed by 2-3 references).
Read the transcripts bellow and uses these resources as your
references to answer the report. 
Starting references are provided below to assist you with beginning your
student report/CAP. Please note, however, that you are expected to find
and include additional references in your report.
Other Requirements
Do not write an introduction or conclusion.
Provide a reference list at the end of your report for all in-text
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The case of the MET call – transcript
Katie: How are you feeling Dolly?
Dolly: I don’t feel well.
Katie: No, ok. I’m a bit worried. I’ve just done your blood pressure. It’s
90 systolic at the moment. It’s come down quite a bit from what it was,
Dolly: Yeah.
Katie: Yeah. Are you feeling light headed or anything?
Dolly: I feel dizzy.
Katie: Ahh. Ok. Um. Heart rate has also come up to 115. It feels a little
bit on the thready, weak side. You’ve got a temperature as well. 38.6
this morning, which is a quite high. 
Dolly: Yes.
Katie: Yep, but your breathing and your oxygen levels and everything
seem to be alright. 
Dolly: Yes.
Katie: You look really dry?
Dolly: Yes, I’m thirsty.
Katie: Alright. I’m a bit worried, I think I need to actually go and get some
help to be able to sort this out. 
Dolly: Ok.
Katie: Ok, so I’m just going to find some help. Urm, and I’ll be back. Ok?
[Calls to colleague] Monica?
Monica: Yes? Hi Katie. 
Katie: Yes, um… I’m just… 
Monica: How’re you going Dolly? 
Dolly: I’m not good. 
Monica: Not good – what’s the problem?
Katie: She’s not great. I’m quite concerned about her now. Her blood
pressure has come down to 90 systolic… 
Monica: Yes.
Katie: You can see it’s sort of trended down… 
Monica: Yep.
Katie: And her heart rate’s come up to 115..
Monica: Yep
Katie: Her respiratory rate and oxygen sats are 99 and that’s all ok.
Monica: Yep, ok. 
Katie: Her temperature’s 38.6 as well..
Monica: Right. 
Katie: So… And she feels kind of a bit light headed, did you say Dolly?
Dolly: Yes, I did, yeah.
Katie: A bit dizzy. 
Monica: I think we’re in the criteria for a MET call, Katie…
Katie: Yeah…
Monica: So I’m just going to call…
Katie: That’s what I thought. I just didn’t feel confident enough to call it
myself… Talking over each other
Monica: Oh, ok, I understand, being a student nurse. I’m going to go and
get that… organise that right now. We’ll be right back with some help
Dolly. Ok, Katie?
Katie: Shall I stay here?
Monica: If you can stay there and just keep an eye…
talking over each other
Katie: I’ll wait for you to come back. 
Monica: I’ll be back with the team…
Katie: Alright, ok… [to Dolly] So Monica will be back in a moment. She’s
gone to call the MET team – that’s another doctor and a nurse who are
going to come and help us.
Dolly: Ok. 
Katie: Ok, alright, good. Have you got any pain anywhere, Dolly?
Dolly: Just a little bit… 
Katie: Just a little bit. 
Monica: I’ve called the team, so they’re going to be coming now, so I’m
going to…
Talking over each other
Katie: Ok. 
Monica: …get the trolley
Katie: Can I… is there anything I can do to help, Monica?
Monica: Can you just do another blood pressure?
Katie: Yes, sure, sure. 
Monica: That would be great.
Katie: Yeah, ok…
Monica: …and we’ll get the trolley ready, and they should be coming
now. The doctors are going to come now, Dolly. 
Katie: ok. 
Monica: …and we’ve got everything ready to go. 
Katie: We’ll check your blood pressure again Dolly…
Doctor Kelli and MET nurse Chanika arrive.
Kelli: Good morning, hello, [to Dolly] hello there, what’s your name?
Dolly: Dolly.
Kelli: Hello Dolly, I’m Kelli, I’m the registrar with the MET team. 
Chanika: Hi, I’m Chanika, I’m the nurse. 
Monica: Ok, so…
Kelli: Sorry, can I just… what was your name?
Monica: Oh, sorry! Monica! I’m Katie’s preceptor. 
Katie: Hi
Kelli: Lovely! Nice to meet you both. [To Dolly] Just going to have a chat
for a minute Dolly.
Dolly: Ok. 
Monica: Ok, so we’ve… Dolly’s post-op three days. She had her right
hip done. Her obs have been stable this morning. The doctors did the
rounds. However, now her blood pressure has come right down as you
can see…
Kelli: Yes.
Monica: It’s down within… quite low. 
Kelli: Hmmm.
Monica: Her heart rate’s actually a little bit elevated. And her resp rate
has gone up… 
Talking over each other
Kelli: And this is a recent temperature?
Monica: And she’s spiking a temp as well…
Talking over each other
Kelli: Right, yeah. 
Monica: So we’re not sure where you want to go from here.
Kelli: How are you feeling dolly?
Dolly: I’m not good.
Kelli: You’re not good?
Dolly: Not good at all.
Kelli: Ok. Can we… Katie, can you get me some fluids, some normal
Monica: Yep. 
Katie: More saline? Yep. 
Monica: I’ll get that for you Katie. 
Katie: Ok. 
Chanika: [to Kelli] Pain medication?
Kelli: Oh yeah, when did we last have pain… Have you got pain? 
Dolly: Yes, yes I do. 
Kelli: You do?
Dolly: In my hip. 
Kelli: Katie, can you tell me if she had pain relief this morning?
Katie: She has had pain relief this morning, but she’s just got endone
written up, and she’s had her endone, paracetamol. I feel like she needs
something, sort of, slow release. It seems to wear off quite quickly. 
Kelli: Ok. 
Monica: Chanika, can you check this with me please?
Katie: I’m a bit worried ‘cos she hasn’t passed any urine since, I don’t
think, yesterday afternoon… She looks a bit dry in the mouth as well.
At the same time: Monica and Chanika check Dolly’s ID and the
medications. Chanika asks for Dolly’s chart from Kelli, who apologises
and hands it to her. 
Katie: She looks a bit dry in the mouth as well. 
Kelli: Yes, we’ll get those fluids… and we’ll get some… do you feel like
you need some pain relief Dolly?
Chanika and Monica continue checking the medication
Dolly: Yes, yes, I think so. 
Kelli: Ok, right. So Katie, I think maybe we’ll give some slow release…
let me write that up. So if you can organise that. Has she got any allergis
that you know of?
Monica: [to Dolly]: Ok Dolly, so I’m just going to put this IV in here for
Katie: No allergies. No allergies Dolly?
Dolly: No
At the same time
Monica: No, she’s got no allergies. 
Kelli: Katie, can you organise that for me please?
Katie: Ok, yep. Will that be ok with her blood pressure? 
Kelli: Yes, well we’ll give her some fluids. 
Katie: Ok, so I can give her this…?
Kelli: We’ll check it again before with give it. That would be good. 
Katie: Ok, right. Cool, so I’ll let you know… 
Chanika: Katie, do you want to come and check this with me?
Katie: I need to get some pain relief for Dolly, so…
Chanika: I’ve got it here. 
Katie: Oh, ok. 
[[Everyone speaking over each other]]
Kelli: Monica, when you’ve got some [inaudible – everyone speaking at
once] antibiotics. She hasn’t been on any… and I think that’s maybe…
Have we had a look at her wound this morning?
Monica: No, we haven’t actually. We haven’t got her out of bed for a
shower yet, so… 
Kelli: Right. 
Monica: Do you want us to have a look at her wound? 
Kelli: Yeah, we need to look at the wound to see what’s happening now. 
Monica: Ok, no problem. So I’m just going to get this IV going. 
Kelli: [to Dolly] This is no good, Dolly, is it? 
Dolly: No.
Kelli: I think you should be heading on the way home now, not getting
Monica: We need a new IV, it’s actually [bunged] so we need a new IV. 
Kelli: Ok, right. I’ll put that in. Would you grab me the trolley for that
please? That would be good. 
Talking over each other.
Monica: Yep, sure. Yep. 
Kelli: Great, so Dolly, we’re just getting you some more antibiotics
Dolly: Ok
Kelli: And we’re getting you a bit of fluid. I think you’re a bit dry, aren’t
Dolly: Yes, I’d love a cup of tea. 
Kelli: You’d love a cup of tea! You’re a cup-of- tea girl are you? How do
you have your tea?
Dolly: With one sugar. 
Kelli: Ok. I think maybe when we get this sorted we might be able to get
you a cup of tea. 
Dolly: Ok. 
Kelli: Alright. 
Monica: [returning with trolley] What side would you like it in doctor?
Kelli: We’ll go this side. 
Monica: Ok, cool. 
Kelli: And that way…
Monica: [to Chanika] Can I just get the IV out of this trolley here?
Chanika and Katie continue checking the medications
Kelli: So, Dolly, I need to pop another drip in. 
Dolly: Alright. 
Kelli: I know they’re a bit uncomfortable, but we need to give you this
fluid. It’ll make you feel a lot better. 
Dolly: Ok. 
Kelli: Where do you live, Dolly?
Dolly: I live in a retirement home. 
Kelli: Oh, lovely. 
Monica: [returns with the new IV] Ok
Kelli: Very good. 
Katie: So, just letting you know, we’ve got the pain relief ready. We just
need to wait ‘til…
Kelli: Excellent. I’m going to pop that in now. So we’ve got fluids ready to
go, we’ve got pain relief, and we’ve got someone getting antibiotics. 
Katie: And someone getting antibiotics, ok. 
Kelli: Lovely. Excellent. I think Monica was going to do that? Are you
going to do the antibiotics next, Monica?
Monica: Yes, yes. So I’ve got that here for you. 
Katie: Do you want me to do anything else? Want me to check the
pressure again?
Kelli: Yes, we’ll need to take the obs again. 
Katie: Yeah. 
Kelli: Katie, you could do that for me? 
Katie: Yep.
Monica: Where’s the other nurse? Chanika? Can you check this with me
Kelli: Oh, Monica, remember that IV’s not working on that side. So just
give me a moment and I’ll pop this one in. 
[Talking over each other]
Monica: Oh, yes, that’s right. [to Chanika] Can you just check this with
Chanika: Yes, that’s already been checked…
Everyone talking at once. 
Monica: Ok, we’ll get the IV in and then we’ll do that. 
Dolly: Very busy.
Kelli: Very busy! Always busy these days!
[end of scene]