ISCOM 472- to be Process Flowchart


Danaher Corporation is a leading global science and technology company. With the help of 59,000 associates, company serves customers in more than 125 countries. It registered revenue of $16.1 billion in last financial year. Danaher corporation has five strategic segments: Test & measurement, Environmental, Dental, Life science and diagnosis, and Industrial technologies. The process indentified for improvement is from industrial technologies segment. Danaher designs and manufactures components and systems that are typically incorporated by OEMs and SIs for sale into a diverse set of applications and end-markets. (Danaher Corporate Website , 2013) The to-be process flowchart of Danaher identifies requirements for improving the performance of chosen strategic segment. In this to-be process flowchart, three problem analysis tools are used in developing the process flowchart: cause and effect analysis, identifying priorities, and the affinity diagram. Danaher corporation thrives to maintain high quality of the process. Incorporation of the problem analysis tools will add value to the process, and improve the performance of the process. The to-be process will have lower cycle time, lower cost, and higher level of quality. 


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