lab writing assignment diffusion 1

Based on the hypothesis and the lab experiment I will be providing, I need a writing paper on “Why does the rate of diffusion change under different conditions?
Hypothesis: Hypothesis: Water will diffuse into the dialysis tube filled with molasses after two hours of having the dialysis tube submerged in water because the dialysis tube is semi-permeable, which should allow the water molecules to move from a high concentration area to a low concentration area into the dialysis tube and diluted with the molasses. The diluted dialysis tube with water should weigh more than it did before the experiment started.

Experiment: Experiment: To test the osmotic pressure, I will pour 30 mL of molasses in two different dialysis tubings and will tie them. Next, I will leave one of the dialysis tubes in an empty beaker, and I will place the other dialysis tubes in a beaker filled with 500 mL water. After two hours I will observe the difference in weight.

I will attach the data/graph and the writing requirements.


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