make a flyer advocating social change 1

  • Counselor’s Role as Advocate for Social Change(FLYER)
  • Select a digital tool to create your Social Change informational product. It may be in the form of a FLYER
  • select a current event no older than 12 months concerning a setting/population you are interested in.(clinical mental health counseling[juveniles]
  • Include the following in your post:
    • Title and Introduction (Be creative)
    • An attachment or link to the informational product you created
    • An evaluation of the current event/problem area you selected that includes the following:
      • A description of the setting/population you would like to work with (mental health)
      • A description of the problem, issue, or event that led to your interest
      • An explanation of why you chose the issue you selected and why change is needed. Make sure to cite at least three scholarly resources (these may include your course text and scholarly, peer-reviewed sources from the Walden journal databases).
      • A list of action steps one might take to address the problem
    • Reference list: at least three resources


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