Management Information System management homework help

Which application software packages are the most important for a business end user to know how to use? Explain the reasons for your choices.
Learner successfully addressed the concept(s) of the Discussion topic – 5 pts max.
– Learner met the three post minimum – 5 pts max.
– Learner used a minimum of two references to support their position – 5 pts max.
( Reference one is the reading material that is provided to you. O’Brien, J., Marakas, G. (2011). Management of
Information Systems. New York, NY. McGraw-Hill Irwin.)
– Learner met the criteria for academic writing (i.e. no spelling or grammar errors, properly
formatted paragraphs, APA formatting used for references, etc.) – 5 pts max.
– Learner met the 100-word count minimum for initial post 5 pts max.
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