Marketing conference_mission


MARKETING CONFERENCE As the AI Brainstorming Conference moves into its second week, it is time to begin developing a Marketing Strategy. The first three components you will discuss are your Mission Statement, Objectives and Product/Services features. 

1. Provide a quick overview of the product or service you created on the Unit 1 DB (2-3 sentences only). NOTE: The overview will be used for each discussion and Project 

2. State the features of your product. Show how it’s innovative and different. Discuss legal and ethical implications that could affect the marketing process. 

3. Create a Mission Statement.

4. State your short-term MARKETING objectives (one year). Assume that the product/service is ready to launch at the beginning of the year (planning and testing have been completed). o Marketing objectives include goals for sales, profits, market share (as examples) o Objectives need to be quantifiable. Use the SMART acronymsimple, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-specificin formulating your objectives. An objective with a 100% goal is not acceptable.


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