Masters level Business Management- Leadership and Teambuilding-need by Friday 5pm (GMT)

I need a paper in APA style writting by Friday at 1700 (5pm GMT). It doesn’t need to have a particular number of pages. It must answer all questions, a minimum of 5 references and it must have a reference page.
Question 3:  Leadership and Team Building
Part I:  Leadership and team building has been viewed as two entirely different concepts.  Compare and contrast theories up to three theories of leadership with three theories of team building.  How are the inter-related?  How are they distinct?
Part II:  Leadership and team building share at least one common element – vision.  Kouzes and Posner (2003) wrote that:
“Visions are about hopes, dreams, and aspirations.  They’re about our strong desire to achieve something great. . . . . Visions necessarily stretch us to imagine exciting possibilities, breakthrough technologies, or revolutionary social change” (p. 125).
Compare and contrast the visionary leadership of leaders, academicians, writers, thinkers, and/or contributors in your field of study in terms of their viewpoints on vision and its application to the real world.  Specifically, discuss how the topic of vision been addressed, discussed, implemented, and evaluated in management and in your area of concentration as it applies to the workplace and/or marketplace?

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