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Identify  Air and Water Pollution 


Prepare  a power point campaign with a minimum of 10 slides, for an intervention strategy that addresses your social issue. Include the following items:Discuss the nature and history of your issue.Examine the effect the issue has on society. What are the costs?Select at least two elements of persuasion utilized in your campaign.Justify the use of these elements by connecting them to various motivations of altruistic behavior as identified in social exchange theory and Myer’s discussion.Discuss the implications of your strategy in terms of intervention and prevention. How will the cost be reduced? 

Include  Myers and at least four references in your presentation. Speaker notes are a must have.



Format  consistent with APA guidelines.




i only need this part for this team assignment: 


 Slide 3: History and Nature


Slide 4: Effects on Society


Slide 5: Costs of Pollution



Resource: Myers, D.G. (2010). Social Psychology 10th ed. McGraw-Hill, NY NY




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