methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus mrsa 1

The poster part of the project should include, at a minimum, the following information (5 points

per section):

• Introduction and general characteristics of the disease

• Etiologic agent and its general characteristics (structure, staining characteristics etc)

• The signs and symptoms of the disease

• Why is this organism considered to be of high risk? What organ system(s) does it affect?

• Laboratory tests to absolutely confirm the identity of the disease, i.e., gram stain, spore

producer, acid-fast, O2 requirements etc. Be specific for this organism!

• Historical information to include when, who, and where the organism was isolated,

historical implications, and the significance of its name

• Transmission route(s), usual reservoirs and lifecycle.

• Treatment for the disease. Death rate without treatment. Is a vaccine available? If so,

discuss the vaccine, side effects etc. If no vaccine is available, why not? Is work being

done to develop one?

• How can the disease be prevented?

• Special susceptibility (i.e., elderly, immunocompromised, children, etc.)

• Current outbreaks/cases locally and globally (with incidence)


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