native american assimilation luther standing bear document

Chapter 3 Hollitz. Documents 3, 4, 5, 10.

Chapter 3 is a collection of documents regarding the American government’s efforts to ‘civilize’ to Native Americans. After the countless wars against Native Americans, the U.S.’s new campaign was to change their whole identity. These documents give evidence at the difficult experience Natives endured. Because of this history of unfair treatment, Reservations (forced living quarters for Native Americans) have resulted in depression, shorter life spans, alcoholism, etc…

Be sure to read the document and answer the questions. Use supporting evidence – examples to help answer the questions. This assignment must be typed, double spaced, 12 font, (NO EXCEPTIONS). 2 pages: MLA, APA, or other formatting is a must.

Describe the Native American experiences being assimilated in to the American culture. How would you describe the Native American experience being assimilated in to the American culture? What problems did Natives endure when transitioning in to farming? What was the Native children’s experience being sent to the U.S.’s Carlisle Boarding School? Explain.

Book: Thinking Through the Past Vol 2


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