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Discussion Rubric

The student will be asked to critically analyze a topic or concept discussed in class and submits your comments on a threaded discussion board. The student will be responsible for submitting a weekly, two-part assignment:

  • Part 1: The first part will be a summary of the topic in the student’s own words (200- 250 words) to demonstrate their understanding of the topic. The student is required to cite the book using APA format. For some forum discussions there will also be supplemental material that the student may use to develop the summary; if supplemental content is provided, the student will need to cite at least one of those sources in the summary to demonstrate their application of the knowledge that the student have gained from the lecture and the text. Within the summary the student is also allowed to convey real life experiences, when appropriate, to further develop their point. Part 1 is due every Saturday by 2355
  • Part 2: The second part of the weekly assignment aims to keep the student thinking about the big picture. Please prepare 1 cosmic question at the end of your summary to ask your classmates to respond to. The question should be related to the research topic but should be thought provoking and require a response that must also be answered with a reply in APA format. Additionaly, each student is required to answer one of their classmate questions at least.

Discussion Forum Question

The feasibility of a research question must be pragmatically examined. Regardless of how significant or researchable a question may be, pragmatic considerations such as time, availability of subjects, facilities, equipment, and money, experience of the researcher, and any ethical considerations may cause the researcher to decide that the question is inappropriate because it lacks feasibility.

Through your clinical rotation you have been able to observe current interventions or procedures that differ from what you have read in your textbooks or are being taught in this program. This is the ever present dilemma of the time that it takes to translating research into practice. Likely you have developed clinical questions regarding the effectiveness or usefulness of certain interventions/ treatments to another or the gold standard.

Think of a time during your most recent clinical and consider the feasibility of researching the topics below. Then present discuss the pros/cons and which study would be more feasible on that unit. For part 2 of this assignment you should provide a substantive response to 1 of your peers post.

  • Rates of hand washing by CNAs on the unit
  • Rate of self-turning by patients on the unit (how many times per hour are patients turning themselves)


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