one page response paper about chinese religion daoism

You will read one chapter of a book which named Bresnan, Awakening Ch.14 and write another response paper this week, on Daoism. The response paper consists of a concise, one-page essay which explores an idea and makes an argument. An argument does not mean, necessarily, that you disagree with someone. An argument is nothing more than asserting a claim and supporting your claim with evidence. An argument consists of an introduction, a thesis, several premises, and a conclusion. The intro introduces and contextualizes your subject; the thesis is the claim you are making; the premises (singular: premise) are propositions demonstrating the evidence for your claim (the reasons to believe your argument); and the conclusion is a wrap-up segment that drives home the argument.

Paper detailed requirement and example will show in the attachment files

format: MLA, double space, The New Time Roman, size 10↑


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