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For this Portfolio Project option, analyze and synthesize data acquired from an illustrative, fictional case study (see below) and present the findings in a paper. The audience for this paper is organizational development specialists and business executives who are attendees at a professional OD association meeting.
Use the organization you identified in the Module 4 Critical Thinking Assignment (in either option). This organization should serve as the beginning of the final case study, however:

If you completed the Module 4, Option #1 Critical Thinking Assignment, you will already have some of this information collected and created regarding the fictional organization. – THIS IS ATTACHED.

Your project will include:

An illustrative, fictional case study
Diagnostic methods
Analysis and feedback methods
Appropriate organizational development intervention options with the inclusion of general risk and value scenarios
Evaluation methods and planned changes
References of outside sources including academic sources

Your final paper must be 8-10 pages long, cite a minimum of five sources, and be formatted per the APA Requirements. Include a title page and reference list page as part of the final project (but not as part of the page count). Submit your final case study to the Week 8 Assignments page.
Sample guidelines paper is attached as well as Module 4 assignment. Please use the sources on this assignment as well as new sources.


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