pathophysiology of acute, chronic, and referred pain

Discussion: Pain

Post a description of the pathophysiology of acute, chronic, and referred pain, including similarities and differences between them.

Then, explain how GENDER & AGE might impact the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and prescription of treatment for acute, chronic, and referred pain.

Include in-text citations and at least 3 references.

FYI:   The neurological system affects all parts and functions of the body through nerve stimulation. Nerves also control the sensation and perception of pain. While pain can be described in a variety of ways, it is essentially labeled according to its duration and source. As an advanced practice nurse evaluating a patient, you need to consider the following questions: Does the pain quickly come and go, or is it persistent and ongoing? Does the pain arise at the source of injury or in another location? In this Discussion, you compare three common types of pain—acute, chronic, and referred.

To Prepare

  • Review the neurological system
  • Identify the pathophysiology of acute, chronic, and referred pain. Consider the similarities and differences between these three types of pain.
  • Reflect on the two patient factors: gender, age.
  • Reflect on how the factors of gender and age might impact the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and prescription of treatment for acute, chronic, and referred pain.


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