Patient Advocacy Statement

Patient Advocacy Statement: “ANA believes that advocacy is a pillar of nursing. Nurses instinctively advocate for their patients, in their workplaces, and in their communities; but legislative and political advocacy is no less important to advancing the profession and patient care.” – American Nurses Association ( the Resource Guide for Mandated Reporters of Child Abuse/Neglect: this video:

Discussion regarding advocacy and video 1330-1500:

 Individual Work – Find one article from a peer-reviewed/nurse-authored professional nursing journal of interest to you published within the last 7 years about patient advocacy along with one video further elaborating on your chosen patient advocacy concern or topic, and answer the following questions on the “WEEK 7: 02/19/2021 CLINICAL PAPERWORK” Worksheet:


Describe your chosen patient advocacy topic and/or concern.

Which group of patients is most likely to be affected by this topic or concern/or most at risk for this topic or concern, and why?

What can the bedside nurse do to help this cause/improve this issue?

What can nurse leaders do to help this cause/improve this issue?

What did you find especially interesting about your chosen journal article and video?

What did you learn from your research surrounding this topic that you will not forget?

Be prepared to present and discuss your findings.


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