philo4 someone wrongs you paper

Come up with case in which somebody wrongs you, and yet you decide to forgive your offender, but Hieronymi would think forgiveness is NOT due in this case, based on her article.Give an argument that Hieronymi would make as to why you should NOT forgive this particular offender in this particular case.

Next give an independent, persuasive argument as to why you SHOULD forgive your offender, after all, even if everything Hieronymi says is right. Then give a critique (not a counterargument), of one of the two arguments, yours or the one Hieronymi would make.

Finally, what could happen that, according to Hieronymi, would make it reasonable for you to stop resenting your offender as much as you do now, even if he/ she fails to apologize?

LENGTH: 4 – 6 pages, double- spaced


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