please answer the 3 questions international business

This week’s examination of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the relationship to foreign exchange markets form part of the topics inspected. Even as we critique the exchange trading process, it is imperative to look at the topic so international business transactions can be improved and, if necessary, modified. The following questions should be completed:

  1. Is it appropriate to speculate on currency?
  2. Is speculation just another term for investing/trading?
  3. Should Africa develop a common currency?

In reply to the questions, undertake a clear analysis of the exchange trading process. Consideration should be given to whether speculation of currencies should be restricted to only include the basket of currencies—those with special drawing rights. Evaluate any benefits and challenges of having a common currency.

Your responses to others should take a position of support or dissent, with an explanation of the reasons for that approach.


  • Answers to the questions should include citations and at least two peer-reviewed or other credible reference sources
  • APA guidelines should be adhered to
  • Length of posted answers should be no less than 300 words


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