Please provide a general overview of the company and its affiliated entities.

Subject: Business    / General Business
Research Alibaba Group Holding IPO (Ticker: BABA)
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Research Alibaba Group Holding IPO (Ticker: BABA)
Use the link below tojump-start your research:
Please provide a generaloverview of the company and its affiliated entities. Who is the current CEO?Name 2 members of the Board of Director’s? What did they do prior to joiningAlibaba Group? When did BABA list on the NYSE and what was its offer priceversus close price on the first day of trading? The Chinese government forbidsforeign ownership of its companies, so how did Alibaba Group list on a USexchange? How much money did BABA raise in its IPO process? Who are BABA’scompetitors?
What is MarketCapitalization (Market Cap)-provide a definition and distinguish between thedifferent caps? How would you classify BABA (Mega, Large, Mid, or Small, Micro,and Nano Cap)? Why is this measuresignificant? As an investor which Market Cap should you prefer?
Case writing requirements:
All written assignmentswill have the following paragraphs:

Introduction paragraph
Give an overview of the topic you will be
discussing and a sentence stating your position
on the issue.

Several supporting paragraphs Critically explore the concepts of the caseYour research must be variety of sources

of 3 work citations
Wikipedia can be used as astepping stone, but
will not be accepted as aviable work citation

State position supportedwith evidence from your research
Do not restate theresearch, but simply state
your position given theresearch

Conclusion: This paragraph will summarize your findings and
position without presenting new material

Work Citation Page(separate from your paper)

2-3 pages in

New Times Roman

Font size 11


MLA formatting edition 7 or8

MLA citation


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