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What were the arguments for Congressional reconstruction?
What was the arguments against Congressional reconstruction?
How did the three branches of government influence Reconstruction after the Civil Ended
How did Reconstruction ended and what affect did it’s end have on black people?

Answer each question. Each answer should be no longer than a paragraph.

Sentence 1 – Should restate the question with your initial claim.
Sentences 2-4- Should provide evidence from the assigned readings to support your claim.
Sentence 5- Should complete your thought with a reiteration of the question and your conclusion.

Reread your answers several times to insure that there are no grammatical errors and that you have answered the questions using evidence from the assigned readings.
Reconstruction (Links to an external site.)
Weekly reflections should not exceed one page, the document should be double spaced with 12 point Times New Roman font. All margins should be set to one inch.
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