research presentation microsoft azure 1

3 pages of PPT

Do research for the company, be specific details.

Business Model Canvas:

You only need to search these three parts of Business Model Canvas:

1. Customer Segment

●Dividing your customer base into groups of individuals

●Four major types of Market Segmentation

○Geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioral

●Customer Segments

○Mass market, Niche Market, Segmented

○Diversified, Multi Sided

2. Channels:

●How the company communicates with its benefactors

●Channels are either direct or indirect

○Direct means no middle man

●There are five types of channel phases:

○Awareness, evaluation, purchase, delivery and after-sales

3. Revenue Streams

●How a company makes its $$$

●Multiples types of streams

○Recurring revenue stream: subscription based (Netflix)

○Transaction-based stream: Sales and goods. One time payment (corner store)

○Project Revenue: One-time projects

○Service Revenue: Services provided and costs are based on time of service provided


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