responding to baraka

For this week’s discussion, please address the following question in a two-paragraph post of at least 500 words total. Use evidence from Dutchman to support your reasoning. You should also explain how the video “Why is we Americans?” connects to Dutchman.

  • What is Baraka’s larger statement about race in America in the 1960’s? Discuss how he uses each of the following in Dutchman to help make his argument:
    • Lula (discuss both the sexual innuendo and her violent act)
    • Clay
    • the other passengers
    • the conductor
    • the jazz references
    • the setting of the play: a single train car

To cite Dutchman, your citations will look like this: “quote” (Baraka 5). There are no page numbers for the reading, so just count the pages in the pdf. To cite the video, it will look like this: “quote” (Baraka 2:13). Use the time stamp of where your quote starts.

The Video:


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