scenario analyzing 1

I have Scenario in my assignment and I need to do database and administration as blow:-


Design an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) to model the above scenario. Identify the different entities (Maximum 10 and minimum 5) and attributes for each entity. Suggest and justify the choice of relationship and cardinality of the relationship. State the assumptions (if any) made by you to develop the ERD based on your research. Provide detailed analysis and justification for the selection of entities and attributes based on your research.

Extent of clarity in evaluating the role of conceptual modeling in the development of database systems and apply the entity-relationship modeling approach to a realistic scenario

(a) 5 entities with attributes including justification

(b) Justification of choice of relationship and cardinalities

(c) Create 5 tables with for the above entities with proper primary key and foreign key

I need in Microsoft word


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