shanki week 11 discussion

Task1: Assignment: Blog entry/comment words:350

How emerging threats can be regulated with basic countermeasures? ( Draw on all of the chapter we have cover so far ).

Example: Increase employee awareness

This is one of the most cost-effective methods of preventing a cyber attack. Today, only 58 percent of U.S. mid-size companies train employees on cybersecurity. It is critical to understand that cyber attacks can occur just by a cyber criminal having access to an employee laptop. This is why it’s imperative for your company to implement privacy training. References:

Please, share with your classmates a brief summary of any other substantive models you have observed at your work place.

Task2: please provide a substantive response (250 words & 1 reference excluding the textbook) to the following assessment

Suppose you have been asked to develop a document retention plan for your organization. Describe timelines for keeping paper and electronic documents. Describe challenges that you anticipate in deploying this plan to your workplace.



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