Despite the fact that social psychological research typically does not have life and death consequences, such research can have an impact on individual health and well-being. Whether through participation in the study itself or through the implications of research findings, research may have unintended and unethical consequences. It is therefore incumbent on anyone conducting social psychological research to be familiar with both APAâ€s policies and those of their institutionâ€s institutional review board regarding research with human participants.
For this Discussion, review this weekâ€s Learning Resources. Think about what ethical considerations you might need to make related to social psychology research.
With these thoughts in mind:
Post by Day 4 a brief explanation of how you might use ethics when forming your research question (use the APAâ€s Code of Conduct to inform your response). Then explain two potential consequences if ethics are not considered. Finally, explain two ways culture might inform the development of your research question, and explain what ethical considerations you may need to consider.
Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.
Learning Resources
American Psychological Association. (2010). Ethical principles of psychologists and code of conduct. Retrieved November 30, 2011, from
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