Stable Isotopes In Forensic Analysis

Read an article about the use of stable isotopes in forensic analysis for law-enforcement purposes.

You may read one of the suggested articles, below, or one of your own choosing. Then, in a primary post of at least 125 words, in your own words, explain what a stable isotope is and how stable isotope analysis can be an aid to law enforcement forensics. Make a substantive reply to at least one fellow student.

  • Ackerman, S. J. (2013, January/February). A different kind of CSI: crime and stable isotopes. American Scientist. Retrieved from
  • De Chant, T. (2012, October 18). Stable isotopes in forensics. NOVA. Retrieved from
  • Schwarcz, H. P. (2007, January 6). Tracing unidentified skeletons using stable isotopes. Forensic Magazine. Retrieved from


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