Teen & STD

This week we discuss Teens, Sexuality, and Education. Design a PowerPoint presentation for high school aged students discussing normative aging changes, sexuality, STDs, and prevention.  The PPT should consist of a title slide, objective slide, 10 content slides, and a reference slide. Be sure to use 2 sources and cite them on the slides where used in APA format. The Rubric is for a PPT please review carefully for full credit.

In the PPT:

 Discuss normal body changes that occur through puberty into young adulthood

 Discuss pregnancy and prevention

 Discuss specific STDs, causes, symptoms, complications and treatment. You should include a slide or two for each of the following: 

o  Gonorrhea

o  Chlamydia

o  Herpes

o  HIV

o  Syphillis

o  HPV

When selecting images, remember your audience is high school students!


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